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The 15 Second Test

We have a simple test we use when we evaluate the threat level of our competition. It will come in handy for you too.

Imagine using this application to set your business goals and communicate your plan to employees.

Would someone who knows nothing about your business, looking at this application for less than 15 seconds, understand what they are?

Extra credit if they could also tell how well you’re doing.

We haven’t been threatened yet – not even close

We encourage you to use the 15 second test when looking at us and other solutions, so you can make an educated choice.

We’re confident you’ll choose Omnistrat.

Why Omnistrat

Answers you should know before any potential software purchase:

What does Omnistrat do?2020-11-06T11:09:40-05:00

Omnistrat is a subscription-based web application for small to midsize businesses that manages your annual strategic planning process and the execution of this plan. Omnistrat has three unique attributes that differentiates us from other options:

  1. Omnistrat allows leaders and managers to work together to create a strategic plan utilizing five standardized building blocks that are infinitely flexible and scalable. Everyone in the company then engages with your plan, driving their decisions daily.
  2. If in doubt about what to do to achieve your goals, you can pick and choose an unlimited number of templates from our Stratstore marketplace to build out your plan and optimize execution. Developed by thought leaders and subject matter experts, these templates are best described as detailed guides.
  3. Finally, Omnistrat allows everyone in the company to be involved collaboratively through the Socialstrat feature to discuss the plan, coordinate efforts, stay aligned, manage their own parts of the plan, and complete actions on their way to helping your company achieve its goals.


Can Omnistrat fix our problem?2020-11-06T10:58:49-05:00

If you already create annual strategic plans but struggle with your employees not knowing what the plan is or how their efforts impact results, you will not find a better solution. Omnistrat was purpose-built to solve this problem.

If you don’t do formal planning, but know you should start, we have made it simple to do so with our Stratstore marketplace. This allows you to search the store for multiple templates (guides really) created by subject matter experts, and assemble them into a plan that best supports achieving the goals for your business.

Does Omnistrat work the way we want it to work?2020-11-06T10:57:03-05:00

We worked hard to devise a system for maximum flexibility, so you don’t have to change.

Omnistrat adapts to your planning and execution processes and captures everything you need it to capture. It wasn’t easy to solve this incredibly difficult challenge of strategic planning and execution for small and midsize businesses, but we’re confident we’ve solved it better than anyone else.

We strongly believe you won’t find a better solution out there, and we monitor this constantly.

Why is Omnistrat better than what we’re already using?2020-09-21T13:50:12-04:00

Most people use Excel because of its flexibility in capturing a plan and linking to details in other sheets. The problem is its inability to reinforce the plan across the organization. It’s not a collaboration solution and was never meant to be.

Ask yourself, how many team members see your Excel-based plan more than a few times a year? Omnistrat is more flexible and purpose-built to support a collaborative planning and execution process that reinforces your plan daily.

How much time will it take to set up and learn?2020-09-19T17:02:51-04:00

Our first priority in the design of Omnistrat is user simplicity. You can be up and running as soon as you log in and it will only get more powerful when you invite your team to collaborate.

Omnistrat’s approach can be distilled down to five core “pillars” that we believe a planning and execution solution needs for an effortless user experience.

Simple  •  Visual  •  Social  •  Flexible  •  Instructional

Can we afford Omnistrat and will it be worth the effort and cost?2020-09-19T16:55:25-04:00

Omnistrat offers a free version that supports the entire planning and execution process with no limitations on the size of your plan or how many users you have. You only have to add paid modules if you need advanced features.

We don’t want you to have to wait to appreciate the value Omnistrat delivers. It’s designed so that when you land in the application for the very first time you will immediately see, experience and understand this value. Please check it out for yourself and your team.

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