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There has never been a more easy or powerful way to manage your strategic planning with everyone aligned with organizational goals.

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What is Omnistrat’s planning and execution process?

Omnistrat. Strategic planning and execution – reinvented.

During last year’s annual planning do you remember what you promised yourself? If you’re like many company leaders it probably went something like “This process is too convoluted — We have to do this better next year.” Sound familiar? Well, next year is here – and luckily, so is Omnistrat.

Your company’s strategic planning and execution just got a lot easier, more efficient, and more collaborative.

Omnistrat is a breakthrough online software that brings all of your thinking, strategies, plans, actions, communications, and documents together into one place. It lets you quickly develop, iterate, and publish company strategic plans. It lets your VP’s develop and publish tightly integrated departmental plans based on your strategy. And it lets managers and employees populate plans with team initiatives and individual actions.

Everything ties together. Everything is understood. Everything is accessible. Everything relates to your overall company strategy. The result is an employee population that truly understands where the company is going – and it empowers them to make it happen. All you’ll need to do is sit back and watch. (Yeah, if only.)

The Power of Iteration

In business today, change is constant and rapid. Omnistrat enables change at every step of your process. When you first open it, Omnistrat is deceptively simple. We designed it to let you get ideas down quickly – and change them quickly.

And when the winds of business change, everything in Omnistrat can change – Approved ideas and plans can be reprioritized, folded together, move to other teams, or abandoned. And because we all know that having a “what if” plan in your hip pocket is important, Omnistrat gives you the flexibility to develop ready-to-go backup plans that will keep your company moving fast, even in strong headwinds.

The Power of Collaboration

People in your organization coming together to understand and contribute to company thinking. How are you doing it now? Meetings? Spreadsheet comments? Email threads? How about Omnistrat? With Omnistrat the power of a social application is available at every step of your plan. Relevant files are available where, and when they’re needed. And each person in your organization can see and contribute to every element of every plan. From the back office to the front desk. They see what’s in your mind. You see what’s in theirs.

The Power of Communication

Today the average office employee spends 65% of their day reading and replying to emails, and as you know, some are better at it than others. By connecting messages directly to specific plan elements, Omnistrat helps your entire company communicate more efficiently. Every element of an Omnistrat plan allows comments. The result? People get the information they need when they need it. No more sifting, searching or sighing. And imagine how quickly new employees will come up to speed.

The Power of Centralization

We mention this last, but perhaps it’s Omnistrat’s most significant power – Bringing strategy, plans, actions, conversations, decisions, and files into one place. It’s not a shared drive, a meeting room, or an email thread. It’s a place that turns thinking into plans and communications into collaboration.

It gives every employee a place to see what they have to do today – and why it’s important. It lets managers become orchestrators and executives become aware. It enables nimble change and breakthrough success. It’s Omnistrat. Who knew your annual strategic planning process could be so effective!

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