Objectives and key results (OKR) is a goal-setting framework for defining objectives and then validating if their outcomes where achieved. Unfortunately, almost every OKR solution out there gets it wrong.

What OKR Solutions Get Wrong

OKR solutions focus on just Objectives and their key results. What these software solutions ignore is the most important part – the plan. Without a plan your are flying blind trying to hit your objectives. Omnistrat’s approach makes OKR implementation dead simple. The plan consists of both the objectives, where you define the key results, and the plan of action to achieve them.

Employee Engagement Matters

Employee engagement is critical when executing a plan. Many OKR solutions force a rigid and convoluted OKR process where employees have to come up with their personal performance measures that tie to corporate objectives. This cascading process gets painful quickly and creates the exact opposite of what you want – employee engagement.

Provide a plan that makes sense and you’ll get what you want. Employees who are engaged for the right reasons.

KPI’s Are Important

KPI’s (key performance indicators) are how you know you’re on track and have accomplished your goals. A well constructed plan identifies upfront what success for each part of your plan looks like. The good thing is this is how Omnistrat was built, with KPI’s identified upfront and embedded in your strategic plan.

The benefits are numerous. Now when you look at parts of your plan you’ll know exactly what metrics will move if expectations are met and OKR’s are easier to implement. Finally, you will drive better employee engagement because they understand the plan.

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