Omnistrat is a subscription-based web application for small to midsize businesses that manages your annual strategic planning process and the execution of this plan. Omnistrat has three unique attributes that differentiates us from other options:

  1. Omnistrat allows leaders and managers to work together to create a strategic plan utilizing five standardized building blocks that are infinitely flexible and scalable. Everyone in the company then engages with your plan, driving their decisions daily.
  2. If in doubt about what to do to achieve your goals, you can pick and choose an unlimited number of templates from our Stratstore marketplace to build out your plan and optimize execution. Developed by thought leaders and subject matter experts, these templates are best described as detailed guides.
  3. Finally, Omnistrat allows everyone in the company to be involved collaboratively through the Socialstrat feature to discuss the plan, coordinate efforts, stay aligned, manage their own parts of the plan, and complete actions on their way to helping your company achieve its goals.