DAO Coordination Tooling Project

DAOs Have Challenges


No central place to find your peers


Hard to communicate plans, coordinate efforts


No easy way to follow best practices


Difficult to share learnings and success

What is needed is a solution that breaks from the old hierarchical past

and addresses the needs of the new decentralized future

Omnistrat Overview

There has never been a more easy or powerful way to manage a DAO’s operations with everyone aligned with organizational goals.

  • Seasonal Planning (where are we going and how will we get there?)

  • Member Onboarding and Coordination

  • Organized Persistent Chat (not Discord madness)

  • Project Management

  • Task Management

  • Best Practices Playbook Marketplace

5 Reasons DAOs Succeed With Omnistrat

Simplifies Open Planning

Simplifies the strategic planning process and makes it easy to create one cohesive master plan where everyone is heard

Communicates the Plan

Keeps a DAO’s plan front-and-center for everyone, new and veteran members, driving decisions and priorities daily

Aligns Members

Allows easy collaboration and coordination across your DAO and between other DAOs

Optimizes Implementation

Improves the community’s success rate by tapping expert playbooks in a marketplace everyone can contribute to and share their own learnings

Drives Results

Members can see how their actions are tied to initiatives that will achieve a DAO’s mission or seasonal goals, including complex problem-solving

See how Omnistrat can help your DAO

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