What our Customers are Saying

Marian University is in the relatively early stages of using OmniStrat to manage our strategic plan but we are already very impressed with its capabilities. We are anxious to move to the “Act” level and to employ the social stratosphere aspect in order to obtain real time information regarding the dissemination and implementation of the plan. This is an amazing tool that will allow us to do away with labor- and paper-intensive methods of tracking progress towards plan and will take our planning processes to an entirely new level.
- Steven R. DiSalvo, Ph.D. President, Marian Univeristy
Omnistrat is a powerful tool that has helped us to collaborate effectively, from conceptualization of the strategy to execution, integrating dynamically to the entire staff. With this, we are making appropriate decisions more clearly.
- TotalGas Group

The social tools are among the best in the market for cloud-based applications.

If OmniStrat were only a social task management tool, it would match up well against others in the field.

OmniStrat makes status reporting largely unnecessary by automating the information retrieval, rollup, and commentary of status reports. That alone may justify purchasing this product.

- Tom Petrocelli Senior Analyst, Social Enterprise
Enterprise Strategy Group, Inc
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OmniStrat combines Management 2.0 practices with social collaborative technology in an astonishing practical way. Collaborative planning and execution is the most fundamental discipline when we talk about transforming energy, effort, knowledge and skills into real business value. OmniStrat offers an easy to test solution for anybody who wants to benefit from an emergent business reality - technology engaged productive behaviors and innovation exchange as a result of social collaboration and interaction. This solution will make it much easier for many managers to make a little more self-organization and autonomy a reality within their departments and projects.
- Stefan Blobelt Senior Consultant, Trivadis AG