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Matt Johnson is founder and President of OmniStrat, a web-based software application that is reinventing business planning and execution as a social, collaborative process. OmniStrat is the third start-up Matt has been a founding member of. He served as Director of Operations with angel-backed Hear Music, a direct-mail catalog that was sold to CML Group and later to Starbucks Corp. It later became Starbucks’ in-house brand for their music label and XM Satellite Radio channel. He was then Director of Sales with Zero Stage Capital-backed Gazelle Systems, the first CRM system for the hospitality industry. Just prior to OmniStrat, Matt coordinated global strategies for Bowers & Wilkins’ consumer electronics business unit, which produced the award-winning Zeppelin iPod speaker.

Matt has his MBA from Babson College and lives in Boston, MA with his wife and two young sons.

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