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Nitin Nohria

Updated 29-Jan-2012

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Nitin Nohria Harvard Business School

"What (Really) Works" Plan

The book this plan is based on represents a massive research undertaking covering 160 companies. Harvard Business School professor Nitin Nohria teamed with William Joyce of Dartmouth College's Amos Tuck School of Business and Bruce Roberson of McKinsey & Company to figure out which specific management practices have led to superior company performance over time. In a nutshell, the four primary areas for the ...

Matt Johnson

Updated 01-Sep-2012

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Ian Smith

Updated 08-Mar-2016

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Ian Smith The Portfolio Partnership

The Acquirer's Playbook

Acquisitions can quantum leap growth. Acquisitions allow a transformation of scale. They can accelerate the execution of a great strategy, but they require a process to ensure success. The Acquirer’s Playbook is the narrative detailing how to execute a better process map, a better playbook. That process map is called The Acquisitions Approvals Model. It is a detailed process map in six simple ...

Company Type: Medium businesses Strategy Type: High growth, Market share, New markets