Simplify your annual planning process

Supports simultaneous contributions into one master plan and enforces a consistent approach.

  • Streamline your planning process
  • Scalable from simple plans to complex strategies
  • Plan next year, while working on current year
  • Access previous year's docs, debates and outcomes

Simple building blocks
make building a plan easy

This creates a standardized format to follow and makes it easy for everyone to understand

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Remove tedious writing
from the process

Simply enter the facts in a few short sentences. No need to write an elaborate project plan

Capture your plan
no matter how sophisticated it is

Easily organize and understand intricate plans thanks to OmniStrat's infinitely flexible and scalable grouping feature

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Create complex business plans Watch the Video

An interface more flexible
than a white board

Reorganize your plan with drag and drop ease, or use the Promote/Demote function to easily change types

What if's? Develop multiple scenarios with ease

Not sure you have the right plan? OmniStrat's scenario feature enables you to develop alternative or a fallback plans

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