Business planning and execution - redefined

OmniStrat is a powerful online tool that dramatically improves and simplifies the way you manage your business.

  • Centralize planning and execution efforts into one place
  • Bring everyone into the process with total visibility
  • Shift direction faster; bring new employees up to speed sooner
  • Create a robust history of your business from year-to-year

Plan in one place,
execute in another

The app is divided into Plan and Act. First, work in the secure “drafting” area of Plan. When you’re ready, publish it to Act.

OmniStrat overview video Watch the Application Overview Video
Strategy, operational plans, and actions View Image

The big picture and the details
in one place

Strategy, operational plans, and specific actions combined into a single view.

Social done right

Email is no way to run a business. OmniStrat supports robust social collaboration for each part of your plan.

Social collaboration for each part of your plan View Image